Please read this introduction to /r/beertrade before posting

1.) The Beer Cellar - (Wants/Gots)

  • To get started in /r/beertrade, you should create a post in the Beer Cellar subreddit, listing what beers you have available for trade. This is one of the main resources for determining what beer is available for trade from other /r/beertrade members.

2.) Setting Up a Trade:

  • If you want to set up a beer trade, there are a few ways to go about it.
  • Check the Beer Cellar to see who has what you want and PM that person with your trade proposal.
  • Submit an In Search of Post to /r/beertrade, entitled "ISO: [stuff]", replacing '[stuff]' with the beers you are looking for. Also list what beers you are willing to trade in return.
  • Submit a For Trade post, entitled "FT: [stuff]", replacing '[stuff]' with the beers you have for trade. Also list what beers you might be looking for in return (if you have any in mind).

3.) Trade basics

  • Never trade beer for money. That's called a sale, and there's a 100% chance that you don't have a legal license to sell alcohol, especially across state lines. Any sale or purchase proposals will be removed immediately and you may be permanently banned.
  • Only trade with people you feel are comfortable with. If you do not trust someone or you get a weird feeling about a trade, just back out of the trade. No one will blame you for being cautious.
  • We also recommend not trading with any reddit users who have an unusual account history, such as someone who has never commented before or someone who has been registered less than a month or two.
  • One easy way to avoid a good number of scammers is to simply request a photo of the beer you are trading for, with proof of ownership (a piece of paper with their reddit name next to the beer, for example.) This isn't fool proof, but it will deter some scammers.
  • We generally recommend dollar-for-dollar trades, so that the dollar value of the beer each person puts up for trade is roughly the same. Sometimes rarer beers may be worth more than their retail price, but that is a decision between the two people arranging the trade.
  • Once a trade is ready to be formalized, use private messaging, email, etc. Never give your address, full name, or any other personal information out on the public forum.

5.) Shipping

  • If you are shipping domestically, please avoid the USPS (United States Postal Service). Please only use private shipping companies if you can. We recommend using FedEx due to their generally better quality of service and their great online shipping tools.
  • No matter how well you package your beer, damage or complete loss is always a possibility. You are shipping at your own risk.
  • You are responsible for the beer that you ship. If the package is somehow lost or damaged before it reaches its destination, you are liable for replacing the lost or damaged beer. If you refuse to replace lost or damaged beer, you will be banned from /r/beertrade and blacklisted from all other trade based subreddits until you replace the items in question.

6.) What's allowed

  • Trade posts (FT/ISO).
  • Informational posts about trading, beer values, packing, shipping, etc.
  • Questions about the above subjects.
  • Linking to images within a self post is perfectly fine, but only if the post itself is substantive.
  • Trade summaries can be posted as comments to the monthly trades thread (eg "March Trades") that is linked in the side bar.

7.) What's NOT allowed - these will be removed by the mods

  • No beer reviews or "beer porn" submissions.
  • No standalone trade report posts.
  • No spamming multiple ISO/FT posts.
  • No totally off-topic posts.
  • No posting of personal or identifying information, not even your own.
  • No offers of money or requests for money.

8.) Reputation


We do our best to foster an atmosphere of professionalism and honesty. However, neither the moderators of /r/beertrade nor anyone affiliated with are liable or responsible for any damage to or loss of property, legal or financial troubles, personal injury, acts of God, or anything else that may result from communications on or usage of /r/beertrade. By engaging in any activity on /r/beertrade, you acknowledge that you accept sole responsibility for your actions and that you trade at your own risk.

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